• 27 new trees to make Baylor’s campus more beautiful than ever

    Trees on the Baylor campus

    From its classic buildings to lush greenery, Baylor’s campus has long been known for its beauty. But the best can always get better — and a new tree planting initiative is doing just that for campus.

    Back in April, a Baylor Student Government bill allocated more than $30,000 for the planting of 26 trees in new locations across campus. Baylor Sustainability then provided funding for an additional tree, bringing the total to 27 new saplings.

    “Trees help keep students cool as they walk to class (thus decreasing AC costs), prevent erosion of the land, make our campus more beautiful, and may even reduce the risk of depression,” explains former Student Government leader Kate Moffatt (BA ’21). “With all these things in mind, the decision to draft the bill was easy. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to better our community.”

    New trees planted on campus this summer include pecan, Bradford pear, mountain laurel, and Chinese pistache. The new greenery is spread across campus, including sites near Truett Seminary, Rogers Engineering & Computer Science Building, McCrary Music Building, North and South Russell, Penland, Brooks, and other locations, alongside trees and benches donors have given over the years in tribute to fellow Bears.

    “This project was born out of knowledge and passion,” says former Student Senator Kyla Fergason (BA ’21), noting that it would not have been possible without help from Baylor Advancement or Facility Services.

    According to Baylor Sustainability director Smith Getterman (BA ’04, MA ’07), the project is BU’s largest student-funded, sustainability-focused initiative to date.

    “At Baylor, we strive to be good stewards of God’s Creation,” says Getterman. “This project, which has brought together a wide number of groups from our campus community, demonstrates our pursuit of that mission. I’m so proud of the hard work students put in to make this a reality.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor Student Government and Baylor Sustainability!