• Recent WSJ, US News rankings recognize Baylor’s community among nation’s best

    Baylor professor Rishi Sriram engaging with students on campus

    It stands to reason that if students connect deeply to their new community early in college life, and are then presented with learning environments that consistently inspire and engage, that those students will be best suited to get the most out of the collegiate experience. Those are aspects Baylor intentionally builds into the student experience, and once again, people are taking notice.

    In this year’s U.S. News & World Report rankings, Baylor ranked No. 8 in the nation for student first-year experiences — tops in both the Big 12 and in Texas, and making BU the largest private university in the top 20.

    Similarly, a Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education report from earlier this fall ranked Baylor No. 4 nationally for student engagement — again naming BU the best in the Big 12 and in Texas.

    So, how does Baylor do it?

    For first-year students, the New Student Experience at Baylor builds off Orientation, Line Camp, Move2BU and Welcome Week by offering courses that help students transition to college life and build connections to the Baylor community. First-year communities (think residence halls like Collins, Martin, Penland and more) provide events and opportunities throughout the year to help students thrive.

    Beyond the first year, students are offered countless chances to interact with their subject material in ways that go beyond traditional lectures. We’ve already seen multiple stories this fall of Baylor undergraduate students having their research published in major journals, and that’s likely to become even more common as Baylor pursues R1 research status and further integrates research into the classroom.

    Of course, none of these accolades are surprising to us in the Baylor Family, who have experienced first-hand how traditions like Line Camp and Welcome Week knit new students into the community, and who have long benefitted from such amazing teachers as Robert Reid, Ann Miller, Rachel Moore and Tom Hanks. But it’s nice to see the outside world recognizing the special value that Baylor has to offer.

    Sic ’em, Bears!