• #BearsOfBaylor — “I really like old things, bones and stuff.”

    “When I was about 7, my grandfather would take me to where someone was building a house next to their ranch. We would go look through where they had torn up the ground for the foundation, and we would pull up little arrowheads or bones or things that were covered up. Now I am an archeology major; technically, it’s anthropology with an archeology concentration. I really like old things, bones and stuff.

    “When I was looking at Baylor on paper, I wasn’t sure [if I wanted to go here]. But once I came and started talking to the professors in the anthropology department, I knew I had to go here. They gave me a lot of clarity, and what they said about their program was stuff I hadn’t heard at any other school. So it really cleared up what I wanted to do.

    “Professor Macaulay, my intro to anthropology teacher, is the most adorable human. She really wants everyone to succeed, and she gets really excited about what she’s teaching. She makes everything interesting.”


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