• #BearsOfBaylor — “I joined band out of just pure… just, I decided to do it.”

    “I joined band out of just pure… just, I decided to do it. At Orientation, Dr. Odajima came up to me and convinced me. But it’s been crazy fun. The first week was constantly busy, just going over stuff 24/7. But since then it’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and it’s just two hours of those days, and it’s pretty fun. And then game days are super exciting.

    “I’m from Abilene, Texas. The transition to college has been very smooth, honestly. I got here earlier than most people because I’m in band. I’ve been here a few times, but it’s different when you actually move here. I went to Orientation, I came on a trip here just visiting, but once you’re actually living here, it’s a lot different. It’s more comforting knowing that this is your home for a year.”


    [Every Baylor Bear has a story; #BearsOfBaylor brings those stories to you, one by one. These stories, these people… This is our Baylor.]

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