• After Baylor Stadium and the Foster business campus — what’s next?

    Baylor campus master plan

    The current (Fall 2013) issue of Baylor Magazine includes an excellent feature on Baylor’s campus master plan — the planning process that goes into it, how it guides university decisions, etc. If you haven’t read it already, I strongly encourage you to take a look.

    The most interesting part to me, however, was a sidebar looking at what might be next for the university after current projects like Baylor Stadium, the new track and field facility, and the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation are completed. Among the dreams that could one day be reality:

    • An arts district that could do for the arts what the Baylor Sciences Building has done for the sciences at Baylor;
    • A clinical sciences facility near the BSB that would provide a central home for several clinics (communications disorders, psychology, etc.) Baylor offers the community;
    • Additional space for engineering and computer science, either through expansion of the school’s current home in Rogers or a new facility near the Foster business campus;
    • An extension of the McLane Student Life Center that could include a natatorium;
    • A new student union building behind Sid Richardson that would provide a more central location and allow the Bill Daniel Student Center to be remodeled for academic use.

    Perhaps the Class of 2025 will enjoy all these new facilities — or others that we haven’t even considered yet. The campus master plan is constantly evolving based on university priorities and fundraising abilities. But for now, each of these projects is at least on the drawing board as a “someday idea,” the way new residence halls and an on-campus football stadium once existed only in a Bear’s dreams.

    Sic ’em, Baylor dreamers!

    [Baylor Magazine goes out four times a year to all alumni, parents of current students, and anyone else interested in the university. If you’re not already receiving it, click here to sign up for a free subscription.]

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