• Dove Award nominee writes powerfully about seeing her Tony Award-nominated BU roommate reach her dreams

    Jenny Chisholm Simmons and Elizabeth A. DavisAbout a decade ago, Jenny Chisholm Simmons (pictured on left), BA ’03, and Elizabeth A. Davis (on right), BFA ’03, were roommates at Baylor. Davis was even a bridesmaid in Simmons’ wedding.

    Today, the pair share something else: success. Simmons is the lead singer of a Dove Award-nominated band, Addison Road, while Davis is a Tony Award-nominee for best actress in a musical thanks to her role in Broadway’s Once.

    About a month ago — even before news of Davis’ nomination came out — Simmons wrote a moving post on her blog about her joy at seeing her Baylor friend’s dreams coming true. You really need to read the whole piece; it makes some very poignant points about how one relates to another person chasing his/her dreams. Consider this a teaser:

    “But mom, all I want to do is a catch a bird.”

    I wonder sometimes what I will tell the Emergency Room staff when I check her in with duck-bite-wounds. I imagine them saying something like, “Well, how did she get close enough to a duck to get bitten? Why in the world was she holding a bird in her hands? Where were the adults?”

    And I will have to say, “I was there. I was there praying to God that He would please, for the love of all that’s holy, just let the kid catch a bird. It’s all she wants to do in this life.” And the nurse will shake her head in displeasure.

    “Why are you smile-crying Mom?”

    Go read the whole thing here, and then check out Davis and others from the musical’s cast performing on Late Night with David Letterman.

    Sic ’em, Jenny and Elizabeth, Once, and Baylor friends everywhere!

    [Do you have a story like this that resonates about Baylor friendship? Or perhaps you know of an inspiring story, news item, or just a fun link that makes you proud of Baylor and the Baylor family. Either way, let us know; click here to submit your point of pride!]

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