• Alumni band featured on iTunes

    Addison RoadEach week, the folks at Apple’s iTunes Music Store pick a song that they label as a “Discovery Download,” usually one from an up-and-coming singer or group, and give it away as a free download. This week’s Discovery Download is “All That Matters,” by Addison Road — a group made up of mostly Baylor alums.

    Lead singer Jenny Simmons, her husband and guitarist Ryan, guitarist Ryan Gregg and bassist Travis Lawrence each graduated from Baylor about five years ago. After starting out playing at Common Grounds, the group headed to Nashville and then Dallas, leading worship at various locations while trying to break into the industry. Next month, Addison Road will release its first album with INO Records, a label that also features the likes of Caedmon’s Call, Mercy Me and Chris Rice.

    The band’s sound is definitely right up my alley; check it out now on iTunes! (The song is free through early next week.)

    Sic ’em, Addison Road!