• USA Today, ABC News highlight Baylor profs’ research on ‘America’s Four Gods’

    Yesterday, the main story on the front page of USA Today — the most widely circulated print newspaper in the U.S. — was about the work of two Baylor professors and their new book, America’s Four Gods.

    Sociology professors Dr. Christopher Bader and Dr. Paul Froese based their work on results from the biennial Baylor Survey of Religion. The study found that Americans tend to see God in one of four ways: authoritarian, benevolent, critical or distant. By knowing which type of God an American believes in, Bader and Froese believe that the person’s views on many other issues can be predicted. (For more, including a comparison of how your beliefs compare to others in your demographic, click here.)

    The pair and their work were also featured on ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer” Thursday, explaining their findings to a national audience of around 7 million viewers. (That video is embedded below.)

    What great representation for Baylor and the excellent research being done here!

    Sic ’em, Drs. Bader and Froese!

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