• Must-have: 2023 Baylor Traditions Christmas ornaments

    Indy & Belle ornament closeup

    Over the last decade or so, Baylor has put out nearly a dozen different Christmas ornaments. Past years’ designs range from popular icons like Sailor Bear and the interlocking BU, to ornaments honoring traditions like Diadeloso and Christmas on 5th Street — and my personal favorite, the one celebrating Baylor men’s basketball’s national title.

    But this year’s ornament is already blowing all the others away when it comes to demand. (Not that that’s any surprise, of course, when you see the design.)

    Yes, this year’s Baylor Traditions Christmas ornament features our new favorite campus residents, Judge Indy and Judge Belle. It’s not the first Baylor ornament to celebrate our live bears — but it just might be the cutest.

    It’s also in incredibly high demand, so you’ll want to make sure you get yours now. The Indy and Belle ornament (and the traditional Baylor seal ornament) are each available while supplies last with a $38 gift to the university. (A portion of each Indy/Belle ornament’s gift will go to support the Bear Habitat program and enrichment for both Indy and Belle, who have settled in well at the on-campus habitat, and Lady, who is loving her off-campus home.)

    Sic ’em, Bears!