• Must-have: 2018 Baylor Traditions Christmas ornaments

    The traditional colors of the Christmas season may be red and green, but if you’re like most Baylor families, chances are good that your tree contains more than a little green and gold. In 2016, Baylor introduced something new for every Baylor fan’s tree, and it’s become something to look forward to every year: the Baylor Traditions Ornaments.

    Yes, that’s Sailor Bear that you can hang on your tree this year. After a #BaylorHomecoming weekend to remember, full of “Sailor Bear Magic,” the logo is now immortalized in one of this year’s Christmas ornaments.

    Sailor Bear was introduced in the 1950s, when college football was truly regional, and few fans saw logos for teams outside their region. A former Disney employee named Arthur Evans visited colleges across the country, offering to develop logos for them. One of them was Sailor Bear, which he adapted for numerous schools that had a bear mascot. Baylor used the logo until 1969, when the iconic growling bear and interlocking BU became the university’s official spirit logos. [Read more about Baylor’s bear logos through the years.]

    As always, the second ornament features the university seal and celebrates Baylor’s reign as the oldest continually operating university in Texas. Engraved in the seal, of course, is the school motto: “Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana” — “For Church, for Texas” — which was adopted in 1851 and declares who we are today, and who we will be in the future.

    Remember, the Baylor Traditions Christmas ornaments are limited editions — so make sure you add this one to your collection! They are available (while supplies last) with a $38 gift to the university, which must be received by Dec. 4. As for me, mine will go up right next to 2016’s Baylor Bear and 2017’s Judge Baylor statue.

    Sic ’em, Bears!