• Baylor again named among nation’s top 10 most trusted universities

    Skyline of Baylor's Quadrangle with a bright blue sky and white clouds

    For the second straight year, a national survey has found Baylor among the nation’s top 10 “most trusted universities” — alongside such names as Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford and Notre Dame.

    The results come as part of a broader study of the nation’s most trusted brands in a wide variety of fields by Morning Consult, a nationally recognized decision intelligence company — everything from apparel (Levi’s came in at No. 1) to food (Cheerios) to nonprofits (St. Jude’s).

    Just as they did last year, Baylor came in at No. 9 overall out of 135 universities studied, alongside a host of Ivy League schools and top-tier research institutions. The 11,000+ individuals surveyed once again gave Baylor the best marks in Texas and in the Big 12.

    Why is this important? Because we want to have confidence in the organizations we interact with and support. Parents, in particular, want to trust the university they send their children to. (Along those lines — last year, Baylor ranked No. 2 nationally among parents when it comes to trust. Morning Consult hasn’t yet released that sort of breakout data for this year’s survey.)

    “Trust is hard to earn and perhaps even harder to keep, so for Baylor University to be recognized again as one of the Top 10 Most Trusted Universities in the country is a continuing testament to our dedicated faculty and staff who live and support Baylor’s Christian mission every day, as well as the entire Baylor Family who serve as our brand ambassadors across the country,” says President Linda Livingstone.

    Morning Consult’s survey results are just the latest in a series of accolades for Baylor. From great academics to a great student experience to great athletics and a beautiful campus — Baylor’s got it all.

    Sic ’em, Bears!