• Study of selfies dubs Baylor the No. 4 ‘happiest college in the U.S.’

    Students smiling for a selfie with President Livingstone

    We’ve already got detailed studies that show the Baylor experience is among the best in the nation — whether you measure that in terms of first-year experience, engagement on campus, trust, or desirability.

    Now, a new study adds to that list — ranking Baylor the No. 4 “happiest college in the U.S.”

    Here’s how that conclusion was reached: The folks at Resume.io used an AI facial recognition tool to detect smiles in Instagram selfies geotagged at different universities, then ranked colleges based on the percentage of happy-looking faces. Those numbers found smiles on 62% of faces geo-tagged at Baylor — which ranked BU fourth in the nation.

    Is this the most scientific survey ever conducted? Perhaps not. But it sure is nice to see all those happy faces on campus, and we thought it was a fun enough story (pun intended) to merit sharing.

    Sic ’em, happy Bears!