• Baylor named among the nation’s top-15 ‘most sought-after’ universities

    Students doing a "sic 'em!" at a Baylor football game

    A recent accounting of the 20 most sought-after colleges in the country — the schools students are most eager to attend — lists Baylor at No. 13 in the nation, alongside such schools as UCLA, Stanford and Florida (and ahead of schools like Harvard, Miami and Michigan).

    And this isn’t just one person or publication’s subjective ranking; the ranking is based on more than 1.7 million student profiles on bold.org, a student scholarship website. The company looked at which schools students on their site say they are most interested in applying to, and those numbers put Baylor in the top 15 nationally.

    Why are students so interested in Baylor? Lots of reasons: strong academics, our Christian faith, the incredible student experience, great athletics… Take your pick.

    As members of the Baylor Family, we already get all this — but it’s always nice to see those around the country getting it, too.

    Sic ’em, Bears!