• What’s it like to join the Baylor Family?

    While we hope all Baylor students find certain things in common while here — strong teaching and academics amidst a caring, Christian community, for starters — we know there’s no one “Baylor experience.” With students coming from all 50 states, more than 90 countries, and countless backgrounds, every student’s time at Baylor is going to look a little bit different than the next.

    In preparing for Family Weekend, we thought we’d ask a couple of Baylor students on different ends of one spectrum about what it was like for them to join the Baylor Family. On one hand, a first-generation college student; on the other, a fifth-generation Baylor legacy. Amazingly, both used the word “home” to describe Baylor.

    First up: Brandon Nombrana, a junior biology major from Fort Worth (and the first in his family to attend university):

    “I feel the extra support and extra structure that Baylor has for first-generation students,” he says. “When I got here, the First in Line program engulfed me, and it gave me the support structure that really makes me feel like home, and it gives me the opportunities to succeed and grow as a student.”

    Next up: SarahBeth Bassett, a freshman apparel merchandising major from Rowlett, Texas (and a fifth-generation Baylor Bear):

    “As a legacy student, joining the Baylor Family means that I’m home,” she says. “I’m fifth-generation at Baylor, so I’ve kind of been born into loving Baylor, and every time I step on campus, I remember just feeling like I was meant to be here.”

    No matter your background — there’s a place for you in the Baylor Family.

    Sic ’em, Bears!