• #Baylor175: Cene Griffin & Maria Gaston, Class of 2010

    What does your Baylor experience mean to you?

    Maria: “We met at Mission Waco, doing community service doing King’s Club. We would go in the neighborhoods on Saturday mornings and talk to kids and bring snacks and share Bible stories and get to know them. Then we joined the same sorority and we both got involved with more leadership in the black community here at Baylor. We ended up becoming roommates right after she graduated and I was finishing school. And our professional lives have mirrored each other. We both worked in admissions after college, helping other students think about what’s coming next in college.”

    Cene: “We don’t talk every day, but when we do see each other, it’s like we never missed a beat. We were really close in college, but I think our relationship and friendship has grown even more post-college. We’ve been able to be there for each other at different times.”

    Maria: “Being friends with Cene also has opened my eyes to other perspectives and backgrounds too, because we don’t have similar upbringings at all. But we just clicked and we got along, two souls that met each other and have stayed together. And so I’m glad that Baylor brought us together.”

    — Cene Griffin (BSED ’10, MBA ’17) and Maria Gaston (BSW ’10)

    Cene Griffin and Maria Gaston, posing with the interlocking BU sign on campus

    [Baylor University was chartered by the Republic of Texas on Feb. 1, 1845, which makes this year our 175th anniversary. As part of our celebration, we’re sharing stories from Baylor alumni about their BU experience all semester long.]