• #Baylor175: Gene Kircus, BA ’59

    What does your Baylor experience mean to you?

    “I was in the ROTC program, and I enjoy coming back every year and seeing these young people that are in the ROTC program, who are going to be our future leaders.

    “One of life’s lessons is that your integrity is very important in all the areas of life that you do. And I found that true in the military. If you’re going to establish any leadership abilities, then you’ve got to show some integrity and ability, and I think Baylor was a big help with that. I do.”

    — Gene Kircus, BA ’59

    Gene Kircus

    [Baylor University was chartered by the Republic of Texas on Feb. 1, 1845, which makes this year our 175th anniversary. As part of our celebration, we’re sharing stories from Baylor alumni about their BU experience all semester long.]