• Meet the women helping shape the future of Baylor University

    Pat Neff Hall

    On June 1, Dr. Linda Livingstone will become the 15th president of Baylor — and, as many have noted, the first woman at the helm of the university. But by no means will Livingstone be the only woman molding the future of this university; dozens of women already serving in positions of leadership will be working with Livingstone as she returns to Baylor.

    [READ “The Heart of Baylor University,” written by Dr. Livingstone for the Texas Tribune]

    Four members of the president’s senior leadership team — those who work right alongside the president every day, helping him or her make the best decisions for the university — are women:

    • Dr. Robyn Driskell, BA ’91, MA ’93, chief of staff and vice president of board relations;
    • Tommye Lou Davis, BA ’66, MS ’68, vice president for constituent engagement;
    • Cheryl Gochis, BA ’91, MA ’94, vice president for human resources and chief human resources officer;
    • Pattie Orr, vice president for information technology (and dean of University Libraries).

    And more than a dozen other women serve in other high-level leadership roles across all parts of the university:

    • Susan Anz, BBA ’87, vice president for financial operations;
    • Dr. Lori Baker, BA ’93, MA ’94, vice provost for strategic initiatives, collaboration and leadership development;
    • Michelle Berry, BBA ’03, MACC ’03, vice president for academic operations and strategic finance;
    • Dr. Frieda Blackwell, associate dean for undergraduate studies and the humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S);
    • Dr. Dora Bradley, associate dean of academic partnerships (LHSON);
    • Dr. Shelley Conroy, dean of the Louise Herrington School of Nursing (LHSON);
    • Dr. Georgia Green, associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Music;
    • Carolle Kamperman, BA ’82, MA ’88, associate dean for undergraduate studies and student success management (A&S);
    • Dr. Kim Kellison, associate dean for humanities and social sciences (A&S);
    • Dr. Suzanne Nesmith, associate dean for undergraduate education in the School of Education;
    • Dr. Elizabeth Palacios, BA ’80, MSED ’91, dean for student development in the Division of Student Life and special assistant to the president on diversity;
    • Dr. Linda Plank, BSN ’77, associate dean for academic affairs (LHSON);
    • Dr. Cindy Riemenschneider, BBA ’83, MBA ’84, associate dean for research and faculty development in the Hankamer School of Business;
    • Dr. Laine Scales, associate dean for graduate and professional studies in the Baylor Graduate School;
    • Dr. Tanya Sudia, associate dean for research and scholarship (LHSON);
    • Leah Witcher Jackson Teague, BBA ’83, JD ’85, associate dean of the Baylor Law School; and
    • Elizabeth Vardaman, BA ’65, MA ’80, associate dean for engaged learning (A&S).

    We could keep going, listing all the associate and assistant vice presidents, chairs, program directors, etc., but you get the idea. Those listed above are just some of the women currently impacting the future of Baylor University. Countless others — from Roxy Grove and Margaret Amsler nearly a century ago to Elizabeth Davis and Diana Garland in more recent years — have helped guide this university over the last 170-plus years.

    [SEE PHOTOS from President Livingstone’s first day on campus]

    As Baylor women increasingly head multinational corporations, international non-profits, medical organizations, law firms and other organizations, now seems a natural time for Baylor to welcome its first female president.

    Sic ’em, Baylor women!

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