• Baylor to launch Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center for students

    Baylor Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

    Late last month, Baylor announced the establishment of the Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) on campus. The center will open this fall inside Baylor’s East Village Residential Community to provide both support services for students who are in the initial stages of identifying an addiction and continued support for students who have completed rehabilitation programs.

    An extension of the Baylor Counseling Center and Wellness Office, the BARC will be a place where students can talk about their struggles with alcohol, drugs, gambling or anything else. Having a dedicated center on campus will allow for expansion to recovery groups, social events, individual counseling and even therapy dogs.

    “Placing this center in the heart of a very active part of our campus is very intentional,” said Baylor President David Garland. “It will communicate to students that this is a resource for everyone. It will communicate to students that we’re not going to pretend that these addiction disorders do not exist. It will communicate to students that we will not ostracize them for coming here any more than we would for them going to get a flu shot.”

    The BARC is made possible by a lead gift from Baylor Regent Bob Beauchamp and his wife, Laura, whose four sons include two Baylor graduates and one current Baylor student. The Beauchamps’ lead gift launches phase one of Baylor’s Christian Character Initiative, a series of programs meant to “double down” on Baylor’s efforts as a Christian research university.

    “[Young] men and women who are struggling with addiction should be supported and treated with compassion and grace,” said Bob Beauchamp, chairman of BMC Software. “Removing the stigma of addiction is crucial to ensuring that students feel they can seek out resources to help them overcome their challenges and fully realize all that God is calling them to become.”

    After undergoing its final renovations, the center will open this fall. Thank you, Beauchamps, for helping Baylor help students lighten their load!

    Sic ’em, Beauchamp family!