• Baylor named nation’s No. 1 university on Facebook, No. 3 on Twitter

    Baylor Facebook & Twitter

    When it comes to social media, Baylor brought home top honors — thanks in large part to you, Baylor family.

    Baylor is the nation’s top performing university on Facebook, according to the folks at Engagement Labs, whose research also ranked Baylor No. 3 in the country on Twitter. Only three other schools finished in the top 10 in both platforms, and only one other private school finished in the top 10 on either list.

    How did Engagement Labs come to this conclusion? They created something called an eValue score, which measures the overall effectiveness and performance for organizations across various social media outlets, providing scores for each individual platform (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more). The score is comprised of sub-scores: readers’ engagement with an account (likes, comments and shares), the impact of an institution’s posts (based on the number of unique individuals who see them), and the rate, speed and quality of the account’s responsiveness. It’s worth noting that, when it came to engagement in particular, Baylor came in No. 1 on both Facebook and Twitter.

    The credit for such success goes in large part to you, the Baylor family. It doesn’t matter the quality of the content Baylor shares if we, the readers, aren’t hungry to interact and share the fact that we’re #BaylorProud. The Baylor family’s school pride especially caught the eye of Engagement Labs’s researchers.

    This isn’t the first time Baylor has been honored for its social media presence, and thanks to you, we have no reason to think it will be the last. So keep posting those pictures, sharing those stories, and letting everyone in your social media orbit see why you love Baylor so much.

    If you don’t already, follow Baylor on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. And if you’re new to social media, or just want to be a more effective Baylor messenger, here are a few tips. (Don’t forget to follow @BaylorProud on Twitter, too!)

    Sic ’em, Bears on social media!

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