• Baylor’s Class of 2020 shaping up to be the most selective in school history

    Baylor students

    Baylor’s incoming class of freshmen for Fall 2016 is still taking shape, but the numbers are becoming clear — this year’s class looks like it will be the most selective and most qualified in the university’s 171-year history.

    How is that measured? The Undergraduate Admissions numbers for the incoming class aren’t yet final, but the record-setting interest can already be seen in multiple ways:

    * Baylor’s acceptance rate is projected to be even lower than last year’s record low. And that’s a good thing; demand for a Baylor education continues to grow, and the quality of applicants continues to get stronger. More applications, combined with a more rigorous acceptance process, means a lower acceptance rate. As a result, a waiting list has been formed in the event space in the incoming class becomes available.

    * The incoming class may well be the smartest in Baylor’s history, at least based on the available data. Academic Index (AI) is a calculation that factors in high school GPA along with SAT and ACT scores to measure a student’s high school performance, and the Class of 2020’s collective AI score is the highest Baylor Undergraduate Admissions has yet measured.

    * Baylor’s appeal is growing nationwide. That’s seen in the record numbers of applicants from outside Texas, and in the increased numbers of visits to campus. Last year saw records set for both out-of-state applicants and campus visitors, and this year’s numbers have either topped or are on pace to top those marks. (During a recent two-week span, for instance, more than 3,500 prospective students and their families took advantage of spring break to visit Baylor.)

    From athletic success to academic rankings and fundraising to new facilities, we’re blessed to hear the words “record-breaking” a lot here at Baylor. This year’s incoming class shows just how Baylor’s rising tide in all areas is having a dramatic impact that is spurring more and more student interest in joining the Baylor family.

    Sic ’em, future Bears!

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