• Family Weekend 2014 blends old and new traditions

    Baylor Family Weekend 2014

    The Baylor family was especially large this weekend, as thousands of parents, siblings and relatives experienced campus life firsthand at Family Weekend 2014. Since the first gathering more than 50 years ago, Family Weekend (which has been known as Parents Weekend and other names previously) has allowed Baylor families to put faces to the names of their student’s professors, see what their student’s daily routine is like and experience firsthand the Baylor traditions they might otherwise only know only from phone conversations.

    Just like so much else at Baylor University, Family Weekend is a growing tradition that added new elements and events this year to best showcase our growing campus to families.

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    This year, Family Weekend had the stage to itself. For the first time in memory, Family Weekend was held on a non-football weekend, allowing families to take full advantage of the mix of old and new activities. Longstanding events like the Parent-Faculty Coffee, campus tours and dessert parties allowed parents to interact with their student’s teachers and friends (and make friends with their student’s friends’ parents). After Dark, the traditional campus variety show, for the first time expanded to cover two nights (Friday and Saturday).

    New events were also highlights. Saturday morning, Baylor President Ken Starr delivered a State of the University Address, giving parents a better understanding of Baylor’s strategic vision and an update of construction and future plans. On the educational side, professors delivered their most important messages to students and their families, allowing parents to hear “Last Lectures,” inspired by the book The Last Lecture, in a classroom environment.

    And even without a game, parents who wanted to enjoy McLane Stadium had several chances to do so. Parents Network volunteers enjoyed a Friday night dinner in the stadium’s suite lounge, and two open Saturday dinners at the Baylor Club each sold out in less than an hour. Additional stadium tours were added to the Saturday schedule to accommodate as many families as possible.

    Family Weekend is hosted by Baylor Chamber in partnership with the Baylor Parents Network, a perfect partnership between the organization that celebrates and promotes all things Baylor and the organization that connects all things Baylor to parents across the globe.

    Sic ’em, Baylor families!

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