• Continuing the long tradition of Bears leading through public service


    Later this month, four Bears will appear on the ballot in runoff elections across Texas: Ken Paxton, BA ’85, MBA ’86 (attorney general), Mark Shelton, BS ’79 (Texas Senate), Glenn Callison, BBA ’85, JD ’88, and Sheryl Berg (both Texas House).

    They are only the latest to continue the tradition of Baylor alumni in public service at both the state and national levels. After all, Baylor’s mission has long been to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service. Over the years, Baylor has produced four Texas governors, three lieutenant governors, 18 Texas Supreme Court justices, and countless state representatives, senators and other elected officials.

    On the national scene, a total of 29 Bears have served in the U.S. Congress dating back to 1899, when Albert Sidney Burleson, a graduate of Baylor in Independence, was elected a U.S. Representative from Texas. In fact, at least one Bear has served in Congress every year since 1937, including two current representatives (Louie Gohmert, JD ’77, and Trey Gowdy, BA ’86) and one senator (Rand Paul).

    The roll call of prominent Bears who have served our nation in D.C. also includes five U.S. ambassadors (plus one more awaiting confirmation), two FBI directors, two Postmasters General, one special prosecutor, and 16 federal judges.

    Sic ’em, Baylor public servants!

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