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    Baylor Graduation Pinterest board

    There’s not much a graduating senior can do (in good taste) to spice up the commencement ceremony itself. Just sit back, think about the importance of your big day, and wait to receive the diploma you’ve worked so hard to earn.

    However, there are three areas around graduation where you can display a bit of creativity: senior photos, your mortarboard, and the post-commencement celebration. And if you’re following BaylorProud on Pinterest, you’ve already been given lots of ideas for all three. (If you’re not following, it’s not too late; go check it out now. We’ll wait.)

    SENIOR PHOTOS: Fountain Mall is a favorite, as is the Judge Baylor statue and the Baylor signage on the edges of campus. I like the simplicity of the cap in front of Pat Neff, too.

    MORTARBOARDS: Baylor logos on a green background stand out clearly; a sequined BU, even moreso. Or go a bit more abstract, like this sparkly green-and-gold chevron look.

    GRADUATION PARTY: This is where the choices really abound: Baylor-themed invitationsmortarboard cupcakes, swiss roll diplomas, even custom Baylor cakes. (For even crazier cake ideas, take a look at the groom’s cakes on our Baylor Weddings board.)

    Then of course there are the graduation gift ideas, like money to pay for that Baylor ring or a frame for that fresh new diploma. Check out our full Baylor Graduation board for even more commencement-related ideas and offerings.

    All of these ideas work whether you’re wrapping up college after four (or five) years and getting ready for the real world, or finishing up high school and preparing to become a Bear this fall. Got ideas of your own to share? Tweet your photos at us (@BaylorProud) or share them via the “Submit” button in the top right corner.

    Sic ’em, Baylor graduates (and soon-to-be Bears)!

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