• Celebrate #BeABaylorBear Day!

    #BeABaylorBear Day!

    Chances are, if you’re reading this, then you either consider yourself part of the Baylor family (as a student, alumnus, faculty/staff, parent or other friend), or you hope to become a Bear (prospective student).

    So let’s celebrate it! On December 6 — this Friday, just before the Floyd Casey Stadium finale against Texas — Bears everywhere are invited to join in “Be A Baylor Bear Day.” Wear your green and gold to show others the size and strength of Baylor Nation. Share your favorite memories of Baylor on Facebook or Twitter.

    Did you love building floats? Do you wish you could have another shot at running the Baylor Line? What would you do for one more chance on stage at Sing? Let’s get the word out – it’s great to be a Baylor Bear! In particular, Bears of all ages are encouraged (at all times, but especially on this day) to share with prospective students why they, too, might want to become Baylor Bears.

    After you don your green and gold — be it a favorite hat, scarf, socks, shirt, PJs, or all of the above – please do the following:

    1. Post a picture of yourself decked out in Baylor gear on Twitter or Instagram (use the hashtag #BeABaylorBear), then follow @Baylor (on Twitter) and/or @BaylorUniversity (on Instagram) to see what others are doing. We’ll share our favorites on each platform, and if yours is chosen, we’ll send you a cool surprise.
    2. Share your Baylor story. Nothing beats a firsthand account of college life from supercharged alumni. And with Baylor’s final application deadline just around the corner (February 1), now is the time to speak up! Make sure the high school seniors in your life know about the deadline and how missing it could forever alter their life path.
    3. Refer a Future Bear. You know who the best students are in your area. Make sure Baylor’s Admission Services office knows, too!

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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