• Baylor alum 1 of 10 nationwide recognized for overcoming disabilities in the workplace

    Jane CroftBaylor alumna Jane Croft, BBA ’88, has lived her life quietly overcoming adversity and striving to “go through life just like everybody else.”

    Croft was born profoundly deaf, without the ability to hear anything. Today, she is an IT quality control analyst at Wellpoint, Inc., and an advocate for the deaf. Earlier this year, she was recognized as one of 10 National Employees of the Year by Careers and the disABLED Magazine for 2013, an honor that highlights her ability to indeed go through life like her co-workers.

    Croft “screamed and jumped around in (her) home office” upon receiving word that she was selected out of a pool of over a thousand nominees to receive the award. Her honors included a trip to Boston, where she used her acceptance speech to highlight the ability of those without hearing to make a “successful contribution … in today’s labor force and society” and advocated for corporations to include the disabled in the workplace.

    Despite her limitations, Croft is now able to use the telephone, participate in meetings and even enjoy recreational activities like watching TV, thanks to a special hearing aid. While she describes herself as a “Plain Jane,” her accomplishments and drive to overcome her disability prove she is anything but that.

    Sic ’em, Jane!

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