• 2012-13 Baylor Meritorious Achievement Award winners to be honored at Homecoming

    Baylor Alumnus of the Year MedalOne of the things I enjoy most about writing this blog is researching the variety of ways in which members of the Baylor family are leading and serving, all over the world and across most any field you can think of.

    Baylor’s 2012-13 Meritorious Achievement Awards honor some of those outstanding Bears. We’ve covered many of them recently — Philip Gunn, Steve Green, Ray Perryman, and of course Kim Mulkey spring to mind — while this may be the first time you’ve read about others. (Click on each honoree’s name to learn more in features from the latest issue of Baylor Magazine.)

    * Alumnus of the Year: John Eddie Williams Jr., BBA ’76, JD ’78, founder and managing partner of the law firm Williams Kherkher and a Baylor Stadium Founder.

    * Young Alumnus of the Year: Jay Brown, BBA ’95, CFO of Crown Castle International and a passionate supporter of organizations providing care for orphans and developing solutions for clean drinking water.

    * Pro Texana Medal of Service: Philip Gunn, BBA ’85, a leader in the legislative efforts of his home state as Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

    * Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service: Billy Graham, an esteemed Baptist evangelist who has preached the Gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history.

    * Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service: Steve Green, Hobby Lobby president who has given BU faculty and students research access to his family’s collection of rare biblical artifacts.

    * Business and Commerce Medal of Service: Dr. Ray Perryman, BS ’74, a popular former Baylor professor and past nominee for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

    * Business Leadership Medal of Service: Danny Prince, BA ’73, Paramount Healthcare president who has partnered with Baylor to help prepare students for the care of older adults.

    Medal of Service for Contributions to the Professions: Hospital Administration: Boone Powell Jr., BBA ’59, longtime president and CEO of the Baylor Health Care System.

    Medal of Service for Contributions to the Professions: Healthcare Administration: Jon Foster, BBA ’84, president of Southwest Group of HCA, the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services.

    * Baylor Legendary Mentor: Kim Mulkey, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer who has led the Lady Bears to two national titles and 328 wins in 11 seasons at Baylor.

    * Baylor Legacy Award: Ed, BBA ’73, and Denise Crenshaw, dedicated philanthropists who helped build Baylor’s Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Building and generously support scholarships at Baylor.

    * Baylor Legacy Award: Paul, BBA ’79, and Alejandra Foster, Baylor Stadium Founders and active supporters of education who also provided funding for Baylor’s Paul L. Foster Success Center.

    * Baylor Legacy Award: Mark Hurd, BBA ’79, president of Oracle Corporation who has given generously to develop the Hurd Tennis Center on campus.

    * Baylor Legacy Award: Anita Collier Jones, BA ’61, whose lifelong commitment to scholarship support has long aided Baylor students.

    * Baylor Founders Medal: Drayton McLane Jr., BBA ’58, who has supported projects from the carillon bells of Pat Neff Hall to student scholarships and student life, most recently including the naming gift for Baylor Stadium.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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