• Longtime San Antonio reporter, c/o ’72, honored for lifetime achievement in journalism

    Jessie DegolladoSince 1984, Baylor alumna Jessie Degollado, BA ’72, has been a familiar face to San Antonians as a lead reporter for ABC affiliate KSAT 12. Whether reporting on issues affecting San Antonio, South Texas or both sides of the Rio Grande, the Laredo native has used her journalistic nose, her knowledge of Hispanic culture and language and plain hard work to keep the people of San Antonio informed for nearly three decades.

    Degollado was rewarded for her efforts with the Henry Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Journalism earlier this summer from the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists. [Watch this tribute to her career.]

    “Jessie has paved the way for Latinas like me, Latinas in this industry, and just for women in general,” says KSAT anchor Isis Romero. “People know they can trust her. They know she tells the truth,” says another co-worker. “When she’s out in the field, people are like, ‘Hey Jessie!’ They want to hug her, say hello and embrace her as she has embraced them, to let her know that she matters to them and to their lives,” says a third.

    Sic ’em, Jessie!