• EA’s ‘NCAA Football 13’ video game, featuring RG3, in stores today

    EA's NCAA Football 13The nation gets another big dose of Baylor today as Electronic Arts’ “NCAA Football 13” video game hits stores all over the country, with Robert Griffin III front and center.

    Based on last year’s numbers (more than 700,000 copies sold in just the first two weeks), it seems likely that by the time Baylor football kicks off the 2012 season Sept. 2 hosting SMU, nearly 1 million people may have this game — and the Baylor name — in their living room or den.

    Baylor students, faculty/staff and fans at-large are invited to an all-day launch party today at the Baylor Bookstore. The bookstore opens at 8:30 a.m. with in-store TVs set up to play the game. At noon, a mobile gaming trailer will arrive equipped with leather couches, flatscreen TVs, and more video game systems on which to play “NCAA Football 13.”

    John Morris will broadcast his radio show live from the bookstore between 2-3 p.m.; Baylor cheerleaders and mascot Bruiser will appear later in the day, and EA Sports has donated some great prizes — including a custom-painted PlayStation 3 and posters signed by RG3 and fellow cover star Barry Sanders — that will be given away at 7 p.m.

    Sic ’em, RG3 and EA!

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