• Husband-wife professors spend their summer overseas in research and service

    Dr. Bradley Bolen and his class in JordanWhat did you do with your summer? Some Bears hosted send-off parties for Baylor students. Some took the Baylor name abroad, as tourists or on mission trips. Some served their families in time of need, while others racked up academic honors.

    One husband-wife faculty team went overseas on two very different projects. Music lecturer Dr. Bradley Bolen spent time in Jordan with a cultural diplomacy program, while environmental science lecturer Dr. Lynne Baker led environmental education programs in Nigerian schools.

    This summer was Bolen’s second tour with a non-profit group called American Voices, which uses music to culturally engage students in the Middle East. Last year, Bolen visited Iraq, Syria and Lebanon; unrest in the region shortened this year’s itinerary to focus on Jordan, where he worked with piano students eager for instruction and connections to the western world. (That’s Bolen and his class at right; learn more on his blog.)

    Baker, meanwhile, headed to Nigeria where she has for several years studied a rare primate, Sclater’s monkey, which is considered sacred by the local population. This summer, she worked with a Nigerian colleague to educate primary and secondary school students about how environmental degradation (such as the country’s widespread deforestation and pollution) affects natural habitats, wildlife and even human well-being. In previous work in her study sites, Baker has introduced ideas regarding Christian environmental stewardship. (Click here for photos from Baker’s trip.)

    I’m always intrigued to learn about married couples who are professors at Baylor, and proud to see any members of the Baylor family giving of their time for research and service.

    Sic ’em, Dr. Bolen and Dr. Baker!

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