• Baylor graduate students and recent graduates receive academic honors this summer

    George MontanezWhile most of Baylor’s undergraduate population has been away for the summer, BU graduate students (and Baylor graduates in grad school elsewhere) have been racking up honors and recognition from all across the country:

    * George Montanez (pictured) graduated this past weekend with a master’s degree in computer science; thanks to fellowships from the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation, he will head to Carnegie Mellon this fall to research the relationship between conservation of information in computational search and inductive learning in machines. The two grants combined will provide Montanez with well over $100,000 in stipends and scholarships.

    * Sociology doctoral student Samuel Stroope was honored by the Association for the Sociology of Religion for his research that showed how an individual reads the Bible is linked to the education level of that individual’s community. His paper will be published in the journal Social Science Research this fall.

    * Three recent Baylor graduates won highly competitive Lilly Fellowships this summer. Adam Urrutia, BA ’07, graduated from Duke Divinity School this spring; Gideon Jeffrey, BA ’10, is in his second year of doctoral study at Saint Louis University; and Amanda Weppler, BA ’08, is studying Italian and philosophy/theology at Notre Dame. The Lilly Fellows Program supports outstanding students who want to explore the connections among Christianity, higher education, and the vocation of the teacher-scholar.

    Sic ’em, Baylor graduate students and Baylor graduates who are students!

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