• Baylor Nation shows its true (green and gold) colors in force

    Baylor Bears show their green and gold prideBaylor Nation showed its true colors in force Friday, with the Bears’ season opener and national College Colors Day falling on the same day. Via @BaylorProud, we asked you to tweet photos of how you were flinging your green and gold, and boy did you ever respond — well before the Bears capped off the night with the big win over TCU.

    We heard from Bears not only across Texas but as far as Washington, D.C., Illinois, California, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Missouri, Indiana and even Thailand, and we received pictures of not just Baylor t-shirts but ties, shoes, even baby outfits and pet accessories! Some favorites:

    • @bradnickle: It may be red & black day at school here in Lubbock, but these boys are @BaylorProud #sicem #baylorbold #beattcu yfrog.com/hsnantqj
    • @jonotoole: Got my green and gold on @BaylorProud! Sic ’em #Bears! yfrog.com/gzievmxj
    • @pdconnell: I’m wearing my gold, but these are my fave gameday accessory! Made em last week! twitpic.com/6ew8ew
    • @iDaveO: @BaylorProud at the White House #baylorbold yfrog.com/j2i8nhdj
    • @camillejennings: Proudly sporting his green and gold on a stroll through TCU’s campus! lockerz.com/s/135112651
    • @ktmac10: sic’em bears!!! Representing the #BaylorNation in Houston! #CollegeColorsDay yfrog.com/mfyczyj
    • @nincymathew: College Colors Day at work! I wanted to make sure no one was confused about which school I went to… @BaylorProud pic.twitter.com/Jut7ifv
    • @LittleBearB: Just got back from the @HEB on Wooded Acres where they are @BaylorProud! #collegecolorsday #beboldweargold twitpic.com/6eyngh
    • @alanmarmstrong: @BaylorProud class of 2005 and class of 2033 are sporting green and gold today!! yfrog.com/nucsucj
    • @stuartsumrall: @BaylorProud from tropical storm soaked S. La. twitpic.com/6f1piu
    • @CaitlinMcCreery: Jasper is @BaylorProud and ready to watch the game from his new home in Dallas! #sicem #wishiwasinwaco lockerz.com/s/135235101

    Thanks to the groundswelling of school spirit, we all saw how great the gold looked on television and in photographs, as Baylor got tremendous national coverage the rest of the weekend. What do you say we keep this up? No reason we can’t make every Friday a “Green and Gold Friday,” then show our solidarity as Baylor Nation by continuing to fill Floyd Casey with gold every Saturday.

    Not every tweet had a picture; some came in as just text but begging to be shared. See more after the jump:

    • @KiraTani: Couldn’t get up this morning!!!!! Then I remembered it’s #Baylor gameday, so I had to put on my green and gold to wear to work!
    • @2ndstorer: My 4 yr old its getting her hair fixed when I hear, “AAAAAAAHHHHHH, SIC’EM BEARS!”
    • @Amy1Jane: Can’t wear my gold shirt today, so I am repping @BaylorProud with my green work-appro shirt. But, my twitter pic is bold & gold! #sicembears
    • @ellenforrester: It’s College Colors Day! Headed 2 Austin 4 our Aggie son’s wedding. Proudly wearing the Baylor Green and Gold into town! @BaylorProud #SicEm
    • @Jenna_DeWitt: Just led a #sicem at work for college colors day! #baylorbold #greenandgold
    • @LeannaMatthews:  Spotted a Baylor gold rush shirt in the Miami airport. #SicEm
    • @Lauren_Sears: Gold is not in my colorwheel and yet I find myself buying Gold to wear tonight to support the Baylor Bears. Sic ‘Em @BaylorProud
    • @SBMarshallBU: So awesome to get so many “sic em’s” around the DFW area today! #collegecolorsday
    • @DanielFox85: Deaf kids at our school in La Ceiba Honduras asked what Baylor on my shirt meant, I told them it was the best school in America
    • @careescholes: Listened to kickoff while flying an airplane. My heart is with the Bears. @BaylorProud #sicem #alumni
    • @laceyfelis: Newks manager in Tyler, TX: “Man, EVERYONE is wearing a Baylor shirt today.” Yes sir, we fling the green and gold afar.
    • @Annabelle14: watching the game in GA. “scream whispering” to not wake my newborn! Go BU!!!!
    • @wingoz: Allow me to introduce the Heisman Voters to Robert Griffin III . Sic em.
    • @betsy_michelle: Storming the field after beating TCU. This night made me love being a Baylor Bear even more. #sicem yfrog.com/ny6qlaj

    Sic ’em, Baylor Nation!

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