• BaylorProud on Twitter: What you’ve missed lately

    If you’re not yet following Baylor Proud on Twitter, then you’re only getting part of the story. We simply can’t fit all the good news from the Baylor family into our e-mails, or even on the blog — but thankfully, there’s Twitter to get out the news that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

    Here’s a sampling of the things we’ve been able to share via Twitter recently:

    • Baylor family gets 2 Oscar noms: 1st, Best Animated Film – ‘Princess & Frog’, directed by John Musker (dad of BU sr)! http://bit.ly/7iKvsB
    • Baylor family gets 2 Oscar noms: 2nd, Best Picture nominee – ‘The Blind Side’, directed by alum John Lee Hancock! http://bit.ly/2npXCT
    • RT @abcrocker: #Baylor (@BaylorProud) featured in Sunday Puzzle on @NPRWeekend with @nprLiane. // Listen here! http://bit.ly/bLb237
    • Sic ’em, Osos! // Baylor baseball team’s trip to Cuba is about much more than just playing baseball. http://bit.ly/77QuWz
    • RT @FSSouthwest: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III talks about recovery from season-ending knee surgery: http://bit.ly/cikGk1 #RG3

    For much, much more of these sorts of items, sign up and follow Baylor Proud on Twitter!

    Sic ’em, Baylor Twitterers!

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