• Chi Omegas demonstrate how simple sustainability can be

    Chi Omega CrushNot all sustainability efforts have to be big productions like recycling during Move-In or at athletic events. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning up after a sorority event, as Baylor’s Chi Omegas found out earlier this month after working with Baylor’s Sustainability office prior to the annual Chi Omega Crush.

    Just by setting aside recycling spaces next to trash cans during this one event, Chi Omega was able to recycle 25 pounds of plastic bottles and over 100 pizza boxes, diverting all that from Waco’s landfills. Sure, those are small numbers on their own, but given that a quarter of Baylor’s 12,000 undergraduates participate in Greek life, if every fraternity and sorority followed Chi Omega’s lead, then all those little acts would add up quickly.

    Sic ’em, Chi Omega and all Baylor recyclers!

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