• Students lead drive to make Move-In more green

    Recycling during Move-In 2009Given that our school colors have been green and gold for over 100 years, one might figure that Baylor is already green enough. But as part of the University’s continuing efforts to become more green, a group of more than 40 student volunteers led a drive to help parents and new students recycle (rather than throw away) as much packaging and other materials as possible during Move-In Day 2009.

    In fact, the students — part of the Entrepreneurship ELG (Engaged Learning Group) — helped recycle 10.6 tons during Move-In alone that otherwise would have gone to a landfill somewhere. Incoming students also received tips prior to their arrival on campus on how to make move-in more environmentally friendly; those living on campus even received in-room recycling bins to use throughout the year.

    For the month of August, Baylor more than doubled its recycling efforts compared to a year ago, recycling 38.77 tons compared to 18.2 tons in August 2008. As we’ve noted before, such sustainability efforts help not only the environment, but also Baylor’s budget, saving the University thousands of dollars a year in landfill fees.

    Sic ’em, recyclers!

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