• Biology prof voted Collins Outstanding Professor by students

    Dr. David EldridgeIt’s the time of year for students to receive honors, but they get to give some out, too. Most notable: the Collins Outstanding Professor award, which this year goes to Dr. David W. Eldridge, professor of biology and director of clinical laboratory science.

    What led students to vote for Eldridge? Perhaps it starts with his extensive Winnie the Pooh collection. I’ve been told that he wears a different Pooh tie to class each day (see photo at right), and that he has promised his students that if any of them can ever prove that he has worn the same tie twice during a semester, he will add 10 points to their final average.

    But it goes far beyond that, as the well-over-15,000 students he has taught in his 40-plus years at Baylor would tell you. It’s not just the current ones who are fond of him; for example, in 2002, the family of one of his first graduate students, Dr. Robert Meek (MA ’72), established the David W. Eldridge Endowed Scholarship Fund in his honor to benefit Baylor biology majors.

    Sic ’em, Dr. Eldridge!

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