• Did you know George W. Bush is a Lady Bear basketball fan?

    George W. BushAfter eight years of having President George W. Bush often vacationing in nearby Crawford, it’s a little odd to think that the annual media spotlight on Central Texas is coming to an end now as Barack Obama takes the reins of the presidency.

    During President Bush’s last days in office, Waco news anchor Julie Hays of KWTX-TV got a chance to sit down with both the President and First Lady Laura Bush to talk about their ties to Central Texas. In the short interviews, the Bushes spoke warmly of their interactions with the University, from the President’s Economic Forum back in 2002 to Baylor’s pursuit of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. President Bush even mentioned that he might be seen at the Ferrell Center during his retirement “to watch the Lady Bears play basketball sometime. I’m very fond of the coach, and those will be fun things for me to to do.”

    KWTX.com has video of the interview split up into a number of segments which can be watched here; to view the portion discussing Baylor, click the small right arrow under the video on that page, then click on the second thumbnail image (labeled “Texas Talk at the White House”).

    Sic ’em, Bear fans at all levels of government!