• Let your car show your Baylor pride!

    Baylor license plateLooking for ways to show your Baylor pride? If you live in Texas, you can get a special Baylor University license plate like the one seen here. It costs an extra $30, but most of that money goes to the Higher Education Coordinating Board to fund scholarships. If you’re interested, you can even order online.

    If that’s not your style or you live outside of Texas, how about personalizing your license plate number? A good friend of mine has lived all over the country, advertising his love for Baylor with plates like “SICM BRS”. (If you’ve got a plate like this, send us a picture at BaylorProud@gmail.com!)

    Either way, you’ll of course want to deck out your vehicle with a license plate frame, trailer hitch, window sticker and/or car flag.

    Sic ’em, Baylor proud drivers!