• Share your Baylor Christmas ornaments!

    Christmas ornamentWhile some people prefer their Christmas trees to be classically beautiful, with matching ornaments, ribbons, etc., my family has always preferred the sentimental route, with ornaments going back to when my sister and I were kids. It’s fun hanging the ornaments and remembering when and why we got them — the baby in a nutshell from my first Christmas, the Sesame Street ornaments from kindergarten, etc.

    When I started college, my family added a Baylor ornament to the tree, and when I graduated, added another one (that’s it at right). Does your tree include a treasured Baylor ornament? If so, send us a photo at BaylorProudChristmas@gmail.com! We’ll post the best ones here on Baylor Proud. (ETA: Our photo gallery is now up!)

    Sic ’em, Christmas tree decorators!