• Baylor undertakes mammoth effort at local site

    Mammoth site replica at Mayborn MuseumUSA Today ran a nice article today on the Waco Mammoth Site and Baylor’s involvement in both the excavation of the site and its preparation for possible inclusion as part of the National Park System.

    In short, the site — located just outside Waco — is “the largest known concentration of prehistoric mammoths perishing from a single event.” Researchers have uncovered 24 mammoths, a prehistoric camel and a large cat at the site since its discovery in 1978.

    Local and national officials predict that the site could become a hot tourist stop if or when it becomes part of the National Park System, due to its proximity to Waco and I-35. In the meantime, Baylor’s Mayborn Museum will continue to serve as the primary caretaker for both the remains and the site. While the site is not open to visitors now, mammoth enthusiasts can tour a replica of the site at the Mayborn Museum (pictured at right).

    Sic ’em, mammoth-loving museum folks!