• Not your average Sunday night dinner


    My, how far we’ve come from Sunday night fast food grab bags before the mad dash to catch up on assignments we should have been working on all weekend…

    Every Sunday night, the Great Hall in the new Brooks Residential College buzzes with the candor of great expectations as the men and women of Brooks dine together at the long wooden tables. Sharply dressed students arrive early and stand behind their chosen seats. While they wait for faculty resident hosts Douglas and Michele Henry to guide the special guests to their seats at the High Table, the students catch up on weekend events and remind each other which assignments are due this week. After God is honored with prayer, faculty, students and distinguished guests break bread together family style, passing dishes around their tables, discussing hot topics over a hot meal.

    This weekly event is a stunning reminder of all that is Baylor: engaging, interactive, friendly fellowship. Making students feel at home within a stimulating setting that encourages discussions about faith and academia sets Baylor apart. Make no mistake about it: the Great Hall inspires more than trivial conversation. There’s no telling how many good ideas will evolve into grand visions in a place like the Great Hall.

    The fellowship of the Brooks family dinner is another tradition that makes me proud to be part of the Baylor family.

    Sic ’em to all those who envisioned and created Brooks Residential College, and sic ’em to its current residents! May your Sunday night tradition continue to flourish for years to come!