• Former Chapel worship leader passes first round of ‘American Idol’ cuts

    It’s been a busy week for Bears on Fox! (Sounds like a children’s book…) Thursday, fans of Bones got a bit of Baylor football thrown their way (fast forward to the 10:05 mark here). That appearance came one day after Megan McCallon, BA ’06, was one of 31 Dallas hopefuls to be passed through to the Hollywood portion of American Idol!

    As she mentions in her interview, McCallon might be better known to her peers at Baylor as “Chapel Girl,” having helped lead worship in Chapel from Fall ’03 through Spring ’06. You might also have seen her performing in Sing and Pigskin with Kappa Kappa Gamma, at Baylor’s After Dark shows in 2002, 2003 and 2004 (here’s a clip from that last show), or as the winner of the Baylor Religious Hour’s “Baylor Icon” competition in 2002. (Apparently that was good practice for American Idol!) She was also a member of the Baylor Rising Artist Network. And if you missed all of that, you can still check out several of her songs on her MySpace page or her full catalog on iTunes.

    Sic ’em in Hollywood, Megan!

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