• Those who know Ken Starr best describe Baylor’s new president

    Baylor Magazine - Ken Starr coverIt’s easy to find information on Judge Ken Starr’s impressive professional career; as one friend noted, “his resume is on Wikipedia.” Seeing him last week at the Baylor men’s basketball Elite Eight game with a friend of his — former President George H.W. Bush — I started wondering what exactly led him to Baylor and what kind of person he is, beyond the resume.

    Just a few days later, the latest issue of Baylor Magazine arrived in my mailbox this week, and I was happy to see that the cover story answers these sorts of questions. In the story, those around Judge Starr — faculty and staff at Pepperdine, where he has served since 2004 as dean of the law school, and his wife, Alice — describe the man they’ve come to know: a family man with deep Texas roots, firm in his faith, and a thoughtful, deliberate decision-maker. After reading the article, I’m even more excited about Judge Starr coming to Baylor. The future leadership of our University is in great hands — the capable hands of a servant who’s coming here for a reason: to answer a call. Those of you like me who were wondering about Baylor’s new president should really read this story.

    Sic ’em, Judge Starr!

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