• 36 Baylor faculty members named among top 2% most cited in higher ed research

    Dr. Annette von Jouanne and a student in an engineering lab

    Stanford University recently compiled a database of the most cited researchers in higher ed history — specifically, those who ranked among the top 2% all-time. It’s an incredible undertaking — and one that found 36 Baylor professors among the honorees.

    If you ever studied under or worked with a Baylor research professor, you likely know that it’s important to get published in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. It’s a key step in getting these professors’ efforts out for others to share and benefit from — taking researchers’ work from the lab or the office to the world at large.

    Once research is in a journal, the next step in extending that work is when other scholars cite your work — meaning they see your work as influential, important to understanding their own, or serving as a foundation on which to build further study. To have 36 current or retired Baylor faculty members appear among the top 2% most-cited — 30 of them still active at BU — is incredible, particularly considering Baylor’s relatively recent emphasis on research.

    Here’s a list of those 36 Bears recognized among the world’s most cited researchers:

    Numerous other Baylor professors have had major impact on their colleagues through published works, and this elite list gives just a sample of that work. But it demonstrates clearly that when Baylor professors show their work, they’re creating new knowledge that has a ripple effect through higher education and beyond.

    Sic ’em, Baylor researchers!