• Our top 5 spring spots on Baylor’s campus

    We’re full swing into Spring, and before the temperature gets unbearable this summer (pun intended), we’re here to share our top 5 places to hang out around campus this spring.

    Baylor Ballpark(s) — There’s no better way to spend a spring afternoon or evening than at Baylor Ballpark (or next door at Getterman Stadium). Whether you’re watching Baylor baseball show off its resilience and grit or cheering on Baylor softball as they take down some of the best teams in the country, spend some time with friends and family at the park.

    Baylor Ballpark at sunset

    Garden of Contentment — Located on the grounds of Armstrong Browning Library, the Garden of Contentment is stunningly perfect for studying, a quiet conversation with a friend, or simply a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of campus.

    A student studying on a bench in the Garden of Contentment

    Baylor Sciences Building — The BSB can be a bit of trigger for students, reminding students of some of the toughest classes they’ve ever experienced. But it’s also a true beauty, as the fountains, architecture, and greenery surrounding the building can give moments of respite and joy even amid the toughest of test weeks.

    Baylor Sciences Building exterior, with trees blooming in spring

    Draper — The nearby Quadrangle gets most of the attention, but an underrated beauty spot on campus is the atrium between Draper and Old Main/Burleson. You can find beautiful blossoming trees, as well as some resident cats (don’t worry; they’re monitored and cared for by staff). An almost hidden spot right in the heart of campus, the atrium’s bricks and archways offer a place to take a break and find some peace.

    Draper atrium with trees blooming in spring

    Founders Mall swings — A longstanding Baylor tradition, the green-and-gold swings around campus are a classic spot to enjoy campus during this beautiful weather. Of all the swings, we like the ones on Founders Mall best; whether you’re enjoying a sunset and watching seniors get their graduation photos taken, or simply stopping to enjoy the beautiful garden on a busy day, this is a great place to relax and take a breath.

    Student on a swing outside Draper

    Sic ’em, Bears!