• Baylor One Stop offers concierge-like service for student financial aid & billing questions on campus

    Baylor One Stop: Now Open in the SUB

    Every college student needs practical help with scholarships, housing or some other financial issue at some point during their time on campus. Definitions, deadlines, deposits and more are all easier to navigate with some help — which Baylor One Stop now provides, right in the heart of campus.

    Think of Baylor One Stop as a concierge-like service for students, answering questions on everything from financial aid and scholarships to housing, meal plans, and more — all in one convenient location, inside the Bill Daniel Student Center.

    The new location on the SUB’s third floor means students no longer have to navigate Robinson Tower parking and I-35 construction for in-person visits. (And if virtual visits are needed, Baylor One Stop can accommodate those, too.)

    College finances are a lot for anyone to navigate, but it’s now a little easier, as Baylor continues to innovate to better serve current and prospective students.

    Sic ’em, Baylor One Stop!