• Baylor Law students once again lead Texas in bar exam pass rate

    Baylor Law: #1 Among Texas Law Schools in State Bar Passage Rate

    Once again, Baylor Law has led the state of Texas with the highest percentage of students passing the bar exam. The most recent results are from July 2022, when 96% of Baylor Law students — 95 out of 99 first-time test-takers — passed the bar.

    Of course, this is nothing new for Baylor Law. The Texas bar exam is typically offered twice a year. If you go all the way back to July 2001 — a timeframe covering almost these students’ entire lives! — Baylor Law has led the state of Texas in bar exam pass rate 27 out of the 47 times the test has been offered; in that same timeframe, the other nine law schools in Texas have combined to lead the state just 20 times.

    What’s the secret? A focused dedication to preparing students to launch their careers. Long before law schools nationwide adopted the term “practice-ready,” Baylor Law was leading the nation in equipping students with the combination of analytical, problem-solving, and professional skills needed to prepare them to practice law.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Law!