• New study places Baylor among nation’s top 10 most trusted universities

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    In these turbulent times, trust is incredibly important; without it, everything falls apart. Americans want to have confidence in the foods they eat, the products they buy — and the places they learn.

    Morning Consult, a nationally recognized decision intelligence company, has been studying brand trust throughout 2022 to determine which names are the most trusted in their fields. Last week, they released their findings on America’s “most trusted universities” — and much to our delight, Baylor ranks among the nation’s top 10.

    Coming in at No. 9 overall out of 135 universities studied, Baylor is in good company, alongside a host of Ivy League schools and top-tier research institutions. The 11,000+ individuals surveyed gave Baylor the best marks in Texas and in the Big 12 — and when you narrow the survey responders to just parents, Baylor moved up to No. 2 in the country, behind only Princeton.

    “Higher education has been under pressure for the last few years to prove its value at the individual and societal levels,” says Dr. Rahul Choudaha, managing director of higher education at Morning Consult. “As a decision intelligence company, we at Morning Consult wanted to assess public opinion on the value of higher education from the standpoint of trust… This inaugural research helps various stakeholders, such as parents and students, to inform their choices and serves as a call to action for universities to better gauge their impact and work towards strengthening it.”

    Morning Consult’s survey results are just the latest in a series of accolades for Baylor, including the achievement of R1 status, being named among the nation’s top-15 ‘most sought-after’ universities, and placing No. 4 in student engagement.

    “Such recognition is certainly a testament to the campus-wide efforts of our dedicated faculty and staff who live and promote Baylor’s Christian mission every day, as well as the overall Baylor Family who serve as our brand ambassadors across the country,” says President Linda Livingstone.

    Sic ’em, Bears!