• Two Baylor students explain the importance of Christian higher ed

    Gabriela Vela and Paul LeBlanc

    Countless words have been written about what Christian education can and does mean, but ultimately, it will be known by its fruit. Here are just a couple of examples of how Baylor’s distinct Christian approach to education plays out in the lives of students:

    Baylor pre-med student Paul LeBlanc’s dream of becoming a doctor isn’t just about healing others physically; it’s also about being able to provide spiritual and mental comfort to those in need. Attending a Christian college let Paul combine those approaches, allowing him to strengthen his faith while gaining a rigorous scientific education.

    “We aren’t just a body; we have a soul, and to serve that soul, too — that was a big deal for me when I was thinking about college,” he says. “A Christian university lets me get the best of both worlds.”

    Gabriela Vela specifically wanted a college where she could grow in her faith. At Baylor, she discovered that even disagreements led to growth, as she challenged, refined and strengthened her beliefs. She also found a community that pushed and supported her in finding God’s calling for her life.

    “Being able to accomplish your goals — big goals, something crazy that might feel out of reach… Attending a Christian university has pushed me to see that’s attainable, and worth going for,” she says.

    Baylor’s motto has long been “Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana” — For the Church, For Texas. The forms that takes may look different now than they did 175 years ago — but the heart remains as true as ever.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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