• Dr Pepper Hour Tour takes a beloved Baylor tradition on the road

    High school students at a Dr Pepper Hour tour stop

    Since 1953, Baylor students have celebrated what is today known as “Dr Pepper Hour” — enjoying free Dr Pepper floats in Barfield Drawing Room as a time for relaxing and socializing with friends and faculty.

    Earlier this fall, Baylor took this beloved tradition on the road to high schools across Texas, testing out a program that will expand to even more schools this spring.

    At each stop on the Dr Pepper Hour Tour, a Baylor-gold Dr Pepper Hour truck-and-trailer combo greeted prospective BU students as their schools dismissed for the day. Each student received a (COVID-safe!) Dr Pepper Float kit, consisting of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, a mini can of Dr Pepper, a straw/spoon, and a gold Baylor-branded plastic cup. Baylor Undergraduate Admissions Counselors accompanied the tour to speak with students about transitioning to college and the opportunities that exist at Baylor.

    “We wanted to extend the Baylor campus experience across the state by sharing this legendary Baylor treat with prospective students,” explains Jason Cook, Baylor’s vice president for marketing and communications and chief marketing officer. “It’s such a unique tradition; where else do students enjoy free ice cream with their friends every week of their college experience?”

    The tour debuted this fall with stops at 18 high schools in six cities (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Brenham and Waco), serving nearly 5,000 Dr Pepper floats to potential Bears. More than 30 additional school stops are being planned for spring.

    “The DP Hour Texas Tour was an exciting and extremely successful event in all aspects,” says Amanda Torres (BS ’05), Baylor’s director of admissions counseling. “Our hope was to have a fun, visible, unique presence at schools that historically have had significant student interest in Baylor, and the schools raved about the excitement of students, teachers and administrators who participated in the festivities. We are extremely thankful for the partnership and support of the high school counselors and administrators who were able to make bringing Baylor to the students’ backyards possible!”

    Are you a high school student, counselor or parent who’d like to see the Dr Pepper Hour Tour stop by your school? Let us know! Then follow the tour all spring at DrPepperHourTour.com.

    Sic ’em, Dr Pepper Hour!