• Meet the Baylor researchers starring in this year’s national brand campaign

    Dr. Ronald A. Johnson speaks as cameras film

    You don’t have to search far to find Baylor faculty conducing high-level research. They’re in labs, classrooms and fields, where they drive breakthroughs for clean water, create tools for health and serve the underserved — just to name a few.

    This month, Baylor is again sharing that message far and wide. Be watching for five of those researchers in this year’s national brand campaign that will spotlight their work and its impact.

    This year marks the third installation of the campaign, and it comes as the university celebrates dramatic progress towards its Illuminate and R1 goals — with BU on pace to reach R1 status by 2024. Making that happen are faculty like those featured in campaign: world-class researchers, compelled to address complex societal challenges, motivated by a Christian mission to serve.

    Here’s a sneak peek at the five professors in this year’s campaign:

    * Dr. Bryan Brooks, distinguished professor of environmental science and biomedical studies: Brooks is a globally recognized leader in water quality, the environment, health and more, addressing the impacts of increasing urbanization. He’s worked with the CDC and convenes global meetings to galvanize efforts toward addressing these challenges holistically.

    * Dr. Amanda Hering, professor of statistical science: Hering applies her data science expertise and research towards societal challenges such as water usage and availability. She’s part of a team that recently won a $100 million grant from the Department of Energy to transform the U.S. water system.

    * Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson, the Ralph and Bessie Mae Lynn Chair of History: Johnson is a leading scholar in diplomacy, race and religion. Having published two books on the subject, he studies how diplomacy and religion have brought people together throughout history, and illuminates the historic importance of lesser-known figures.

    * Dr. Danielle Parrish, professor of social work: Parrish’s work addresses health outcomes for underserved young women in the juvenile justice system. An expert in the prevention of substance-exposed pregnancies, she recently earned a National Institutes of Health grant to test integrated programming and interventions to support these teens’ well-being and health.

    * Dr. Zhenrong Zhang, associate professor of physics: Zhang’s research supports a variety of disciplines and addresses countless challenges as a resource for her fellow scientists. She’s developing a nanoscale imaging microscope to enable researchers to view materials at the smallest possible level, with implications for clean energy, health diagnosis and advanced materials.

    The campaign featuring these Baylor researchers is produced by award-winning Dallas-based ad agency Johnson + Sekin; it will feature a new look and the addition of video, captured by director and filmmaker Trey Hill. Huge thanks go out to the professors who gave generously of their time and energy to make it happen.

    Sic ’em, Drs. Brooks, Hering, Johnson, Parrish and Zhang!